Welcome to Children's Garden School

  • Our Claim For Excellence

Here at Children’s Garden School we enjoy tradition of high standard and commitment to care. Our excellent facilities and dedicated staff together with the advantage of dealing with a homogenous group, enable the children of all abilities to become achievers here in the academic and creative field.

The key element of education here are the process through which children learn, experiences they accumulate and the knowledge they acquire. These will be their assets for them for the rest of their life. If you seek a school that provides intellectual challenges, personal growth and preparation for an independent world, Children’s Garden School is the institution.

  • Our Aim

Our aim is to prepare students for the new century characterized by rapid and constant change, the unpredictability of human affairs and transformation of our working places. We prepare students to play and active role in various fields. Our objectives converge in a single, all encompassing goal.

“The preparation of young students for significant achievement in an independent world.”

The school aims at imparting liberal education which helps in developing the total personality of the students and in bringing about all round growth of body and mind. The most outstanding features of the school is the harmonious and integrated living together of the boys and girls hailing from different cultural backgrounds. Pupils read and play together and imbibe the spirit of relationship grounded in exception of unity of life which makes them conscious of the common destiny of mankind. We are special for (a) Faith in tradition, (B) Keeping up good old tradition, (C) Making new tradition and allowing others to emerge.